Survey Process

  • Mapping of the site to show the extent of infestation. Available in CAD and other formats upon request.

  • Legal, environmental and risk assessment of the infestation and site.

  • Photographic record of the infestation.

A complete cost and treatment outline which includes:

  1. Overview of the project and requirements

  2. Findings from the survey

  3. Recommended appropriate treatments based on the extent of infestation, location, timescales and budget

  4. A schedule of works with full breakdown of costs

  5. Identification of risk of contamination and infection from external boundaries around the site

  6. Detailed method statement for the chosen treatment, incorporating risk assessment, our health and safety policies and insurances

  7. Time schedules that can be incorporated or adapted into existing works plan

  8. A management plan on the protection of the infested area and prevention of any further contamination, therefore minimising the risk of prosecution

  9. Detail the highest standards of support throughout and beyond our contract to control the Japanese knotweed

  10. Costs for a site survey are dependent on the location as well as the size of the infestation.

To book your site survey and for any questions you might have, please use our online contact form or call 0845 643 1168

Effective Treatment

Each infestation is different and requires a bespoke plan to ensure a safe, effective strategy for control and eradication.

Every project undertaken by Japanese Knotweed Control requires a full survey. This helps minimise costs by establishing the extent of infestation, whilst clearly communicating the environmental impact of the proposed treatment and any potential risks.

Client requirements also form an important part of the survey and are given the utmost consideration.

The survey also helps to establish a complete understanding of the responsibility to manage and prevent further cross contamination; and to fully appreciate the actions that are needed to ensure successful treatment.