Japanese knotweed: What to do

Japanese knotweed is found predominately in brownfield sites, however no area is free from the plant.

apanese Knotweed Control Ltd has treated the plant in parkland areas, SSSI sites, water courses and a wide range of commercial and domestic properties. 

The root crown can support Japanese knotweed even when no soil is available and is able to thrive within gas/electricity/drainage ducts.

To help with the identification of knotweed and other invasive non-native species, we have developed an App for both iPhone and Andriod phones which is FREE to download through your phones Appstore or Playstore.  

The App will allow you to send photographs directly to us so that we can contact you and  provide expert advice to you.

Once identified, treatment and eradication of the plant is highly recommended.

To book your site survey and for any questions you might have, please use our online contact form or call 0845 643 1168

The following is a step-by-step guide of how to deal with Japanese Knotweed after discovery and/or identification.

  • Investigate Suspicion
    If you suspect that you have a Japanese knotweed infestation. Accurately identify the plant using our help pages (see Identification), use our new App or email a photograph to info@japaneseknotweedcontrol.com

  • Mark Out and Seal the Area
    Mark out and fence off to protect the area immediately as having a barrier will help prevent further contamination

  • Call Japanese Knotweed Control and Arrange a Survey
    Contact JKC on 0845 643 1168 or use our Online Contact Form, alternatively you can email us: info@japaneseknotweedcontrol.com

  • Solution Proposed
    A thorough survey will be completed and after consultation a solution will be proposed

  • Work Commences
    Treatment programme initiated

  • Re-survey Site
    Establish treatment programme has been successful

  • Japanese Knotweed Eradicated
    A job well done! Recommend us to your friends.